My guest on this episode of the Aff Playbook podcast is Jason Brown, a.k.a eliquid on the forums. Jason has been involved with online marketing for a long time, and worked on many diverse projects.

Jason has done everything from affiliate marketing, to ecommerce, and now a product owner. He was the first affiliate to use the ‘two step' blog landing page that nearly everyone was running a few years back. This is an interesting story you'll want to hear!

In this episode, we focus on Facebook marketing. Jason shares some awesome insight into marketing on Facebook and we get into the stuff people don't often talk about. Trust me, you'll want to listen to this a few times.

This is the longest podcast episode I've recorded to date – about an hour and forty minutes!

You can find Jason on the Aff Playbook forum, on his blog and his awesome product SERPWoo. Thanks again to Jason for doing this, and sharing his knowledge with us!

Make sure to download the Affplaybook FB Podcast 2015 PDF.