APB Podcast Episode 7 With Malan Darras

When I say “affiliate marketer” what image pops in your head? Is it the out of shape computer nerd? Or maybe the guy that throws on some jewelry and takes a pic next to a rented Lamborghini? My guest today breaks the mold of your typical affiliate.

APB Podcast Episode 7 features Malan Darras – super affiliate, musician, fitness enthusiast and blogger.

Malan Darras is not only a successful affiliate, but also a musician and fitness enthusiast. He blogs about affiliate marketing, mindset, productivity, health and fitness at his blog http://www.malandarras.com. Continuing with the ‘breaking the mold' theme, you'll find Malan's blog free from advertising and even a sidebar. It's just him writing. And it's awesome.

In this interview we cover a wide range of topics. You might think someone that's successful in so many areas would be hard to talk to (or listen to), but Malan is one of the most down to earth guy's you'll meet. He's passionate about life, and about helping others.

Some of the topics we talk about include:

  • How he got started in affiliate marketing
  • Balancing his life between fitness, music, and making money
  • Being more productive and successful by doing less
  • Intermittent fasting, and eating ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Why it's not always smart to go after the latest hot thing
  • What Malan think about the future of affiliate marketing

I encourage you to check out his blog where you can read the posts we discussed and a lot more. I had a great time doing this interview, and want to thank Malan for taking the time to do it.