I’ve run AffPlaybook for over 3 years and helped thousands of affiliates during that time. I’ve seen quite a few Aff Playbook members start from nothing and become 5 figure/day affiliates.

I’ve also done a lot of private, one on one coaching over the years. I really like working with enthusiastic affiliates and helping them grow their business. The mastermind sessions we do at Affiliate Summit and ad:tech are extremely popular, but many of our international affiliates haven’t’ been able to attend. I’ve had numerous requests for a more private coaching program over the years, so with these things in mind I’ve developed a new way to teach and interact with affiliates.

Announcing Aff Playbook &
Ctrtard Private Master Classes

These master classes are small group, intensive coaching courses designed to make you a top affiliate. Our path to success will be one that’s been proven to work time and time again: We’re going to be systematically working on mastering one area of affiliate marketing to become truly successful.

These master classes are designed to focus your affiliate efforts and give you the skills necessary to become successful. No more jumping around from one offer to the next, trying to decide where to focus your efforts, or changing traffic sources every week. You’ll be working alongside us every step of the way, with a clear roadmap to follow, learning how successful affiliates scale their business.

Here’s what you get as a student in a Master Class

1 GROUP CALL EACH WEEK – These calls are going to be information sharing sessions where we teach you a specific tactic. Each lesson could stand on its own, but we’ve combined them into a class to deliver an incredible amount of knowledge. This is where the real POWER of the master class comes into play. Each call is recorded so you can listen to it again and soak up the information. I want to stress that each call is almost like a master class in itself. You could become successful employing just one of the techniques we’ll teach you. Put them all together, and you’ll have a full strategy for becoming successful.

EXCLUSIVE GROUP CHAT – As a member, you’ll have access to our private group chat to network and share strategies with other affiliates 24 hours a day. Only master class participants will have access to this group chat.

ONE-ON-ONE INSTANT MESSAGING – You’ll also have the personal IM info for both myself and Ctrtard for one on one help. We’ll be available to answer your private questions during specific times on a daily basis.

Questions & Answers

Why will this group be different?

This isn’t going to be a group that gets together and asks ‘ok, what now?’ or goes in a million different directions. We’ll be focused on very specific strategies as a group. What this means is the group will hyper focused so we can make maximum progress in minimal time. The amount of information we’ve condensed into these classes is impressive.

What will you learn?

We are currently offering 3 different master classes. You can take 1, 2, or all 3. Each covers something very specific.

Class 1 – PPV
This class is designed to teach you exactly how to run PPV traffic profitably, and scale it. You’ll learn exactly what offers we’re currently running, and how we scale our campaigns. Each lesson alone has enough to keep you busy for months, so when you put them all together you’ll have enough knowledge to take PPV traffic as far as you want.

Participation: You’re encouraged, but not required to, run campaigns using the strategies we teach while the class is ongoing. If you actively run campaigns, you’ll be able to ask us real-world questions and accelerate your learning.

Class 2 – Long Term Projects
Each week, we’ll be teaching you specific projects and techniques you can master. Some of the techniques you’ll be mastering include datafeed sites, video marketing, PPC, and more. As usual, we’re going to be teaching you through our own examples of long term successful sites and campaigns. Everything you’ll be learning in this class will be geared towards stability and long term revenue.

Class 3 – Adult Marketing
If you’re new to adult marketing and want to hit the ground running, this is the class for you. You’ll learn how to properly set up, test, and track adult dating campaigns to get the most out of this vertical. Learn how to make high CTR creatives that convert, maximize clicks with the proper bidding strategies, and squeeze more money out of each visitor.

Note: You should be comfortable with working around explicit adult material.

Requirements for the adult marketing class:
You will be REQUIRED to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in this class. That means you’ll be required to make creatives, and actively run some test campaigns using the strategies we teach while the class is ongoing. You’ll also be required to share your creatives and stats with the class. This requirement is only for the adult marketing class.

A few more notes…

There will be no “handouts”

Some affiliates want to be handed a working, profitable campaign and think that that’s the way they’re going to be successful. While I can understand the temptation, here’s why that’s a really bad idea:

First, the few times I’ve given an exact campaign away, it quickly gets saturated and dies, becoming useless for everyone. Second, when someone hands you something, you learn nothing. Like all businesses, to gain any sustainable success, you need to develop your own skills and not simply copy others. That should, hopefully, be a no-brainer.

So with that being said, realize that we’re not going to simply hand you a profitable campaign each week in its entirety and walk away. We’d be ripping you off.

Our goal is to make you successful. So I want to be clear: what you WILL get each week are solid, viable, working strategies that you can use immediately to make your own profitable campaigns. In a few short weeks you’re going to learn stuff that took us months or years to master. That information, insight, and real-world experience is going to allow you to leap ahead of the pack and become successful much, much faster.

You’ll get some technical info too

In whatever class you choose, you’ll not only get expert marketing advice, but see how Ctrtard uses his programming & automation skills on campaigns. There has never been a master class like this where you get to learn not only top marketing tactics, but how those can be combined with technical savvy to create an incredibly profitable business.

You must apply and be accepted

To make sure people get the most out of each class, we need to have people with similar goals, work ethic, and experience. Because of that, I will be screening applicants to see if they would be a good fit.

Who is this group for?

This group isn’t for total beginners. But don’t worry; you definitely don’t need to be a ‘successful affiliate’ either.

There are no specific prerequisites, but if you’re still trying to figure out how to install Prosper this isn’t the group for you. A basic knowledge of building campaigns and running offers is essential.

We are looking for people who are serious and ready to take action to grow their business. Ultimately, we want every member to be successful. These classes will sell out, so we are going to accept people who are ready to put in the work to be successful.

There are no other classes like this out there. This is a chance to take your affiliate business to the next level once and for all with a concrete roadmap and plan of action to follow. You’ll not only get personal help, but develop a network of successful affiliate friends all working towards the same goal. Imagine: you’ll be learning more in a few short weeks than you have in your entire affiliate career.

Details & Registration

Each class is limited to 10 spots and they run six weeks, beginning Thursday April 4th. Once the course is completed, you’ll still have access to all the group calls, and lessons so you can go over the material forever. Spots will fill up quickly, so please apply ASAP if you’re interested. I don’t know if we will be offering these classes again in the future.

The cost is $697 per class which includes:

Group Master Class calls
Access to myself and Ctrtard through IM
A private group chat
Call recordings

If you want to purchase more than one class, please contact me for a discounted rate.

To apply, please send me an email with ‘Master class application for (class name) in the subject with:

1. Your name/forum name
2. How long you’ve been an affiliate
3. A little about what traffic sources and niches you’ve worked with
4. Why you want to be a member of this group & what you hope to gain from it

Again, please don’t let the application process scare you off. This is only to ensure we fill the classes with people who really want to put the work in to become successful. Since these are one-time classes we are not doing a waiting list.

I want to stress that this will not change anything with the forum. I’ll still be sharing as much information and posting as many case studies as I always do. I don’t hesitate to say that I’m the most dedicated forum owner around, and these master classes won’t change that. The Master classes simply an opportunity for a group of affiliates to work together in an intensive, private group.

And finally, I want to give you a bit of perspective on the price. While $697 isn’t peanuts, if you think about it, it’s the deal of a lifetime. For less than $16/day you’re getting an amazing education that will pay for itself thousands of times over. You’re going to be exposed to methods, data, and like-minded people of the highest quality. Chances are extremely good that once you start putting these resources to work, you’ll easily be able to pay for the cost of this coaching program.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!