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What if you could cut your learning time in half and finally master affiliate marketing?

Hey Everyone,

I want to tell you about an exciting new training program I'm launching. Most of you know me from the Aff Playbook forum, but for those that don't or who just joined, I'll share a short bio.

I started online marketing over a decade ago when I was sick of my day job and looking for a way to finally work for myself. It wasn't too long before I was making enough money to quit my job and start living my dream of running my own business.

Over the last decade, I've:

– Been the top (highest revenue generating) affiliate at several networks
– Consulted affiliate networks and traffic sources to help them grow
– Ran countless successful campaigns across the most popular traffic sources and niches
– Personally coached thousands of affiliates
– Built the Aff Playbook forum
– Held multiple sold out private masterminds

I love online marketing because it's enabled me to live life on my terms. For me, that means owning a comfortable house in an upscale Northern California neighborhood. It means feeling secure and knowing the bills are getting paid. Maybe best of all, it means being able to take off whenever I feel like it, whether it's for a nice day out of the office or a first-class European vacation. I'm not that concerned with turning life into an extended rap video, but who knows – maybe I'm saving that for the mid-life crisis. The point is that online marketing is full of opportunity and it's been really good to me (and many, many others).

I get asked to do private coaching all the time, but in my experience, most people improve faster in small group settings. Not only do you get to see what other group members are succeeding and failing at, but you get the support and encouragement of other people who are equally dedicated to similar goals. Instead of learning only from your own mistakes, you can spot patterns across the group and learn from them.

After much planning, I'm finally ready to unveil a program I feel 100% confident will greatly improve your business.

Announcing The Aff Playbook Mastermind Group

Do any of these sound like you?

– You run campaigns, but are never totally sure if you're doing the ‘right thing'. Are you killing it too soon? Missing out on a profitable campaign?
– You struggle to find something profitable that lasts
– You want to build a real business with online marketing but don't know where to focus
– You're sick and tired of the ups and downs associated with normal affiliate marketing
– You've had a little success but you're just not sure how to translate that into a real career that can support you (and your family) over the long-term
– You Feel like you're getting traction but not making progress

If any of those sound familiar, don't feel bad. They're some of the most common issues I see affiliates struggle with.

Who is this mastermind for?

This mastermind is ideal if you want to:

– Increase profits through affiliate marketing and other online opportunities
– Learn the most cutting edge strategies working right now
– Remove the ups and downs associated with affiliate marketing, and build a long-term sustainable business
– Implement strategies to take your business far beyond what you've done before
– Be part of a group of driven individuals committed to success and helping each other.

This mastermind is NOT for you if…

– You want to get rich as fast as possible
– You want instant results
– You want to sit back and not participate

I would never promise those things because that mindset doesn't work.

What do you get in the mastermind?

As a member of the Aff Playbook Mastermind you get:

– 1 group phone call every other week

These calls are where we learn and help each other to accomplish our goals. We'll review your progress and keep you on track. You'll get a chance to ask questions, and work on your problems. We'll identify areas for you to focus on, and make sure you keep moving in the right direction.

Everyone will get individual attention, and specific actionable advice they can work on.

– Private Facebook Group

As a mastermind member, you'll get access to a private Facebook group where you can communicate with other members in between calls.

– Lifetime access to call recordings

Each call will be recorded so you can listen or take notes whenever you want.


Bonus #1 – APB Forum Access

As a mastermind member, you'll receive complimentary access to the Aff Playbook Forum + Tools as long as you're an active member of the mastermind.

Bonus #2 – Private coaching session with David

A 1-hour private coaching call with me. This isn't even something I normally offer, and you get it for free just for joining the mastermind. The entire focus of the call is to help you work on whatever you need most. We'll identify your strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities or trouble spots so you can hit the ground running in the Mastermind Group.


– What time will the coaching call be?

One of the many awesome things about running an online business is that you get to network with people from across the globe. However, this does create some challenges when scheduling group calls. I'm purposely not setting a time for the call until our initial group is formed. I want to vote on a time when the most people can make it.

– Is this for newbies or advanced marketers? How much experience do I need?

This totally depends on the group I form. I will be personally interviewing each applicant to make sure they're a good fit. I'm going to match up people by experience so we can learn as a group as fast as possible.

You don't need a lot of experience to get value from the group, but I want to emphasize that we won't be covering things like how to set up tracking or get an affiliate link from your network. Those are things you can easily get answered elsewhere (like in the forum, with your free membership). We want to focus on things you can't get anywhere else – things that are personalized to you and your business – personal blocks, scaling your strengths, and anything else we uncover in the coaching sessions.

– How many people will be in the group?

This will be a very small group (under 10 people) so we can maintain maximum focus and make sure every member gets the most out of it. This will also allow myself and other members to share things that are working without fear of it getting saturated.

There will be at most, 2 groups. I want to give each group maximum attention, and this is all I can properly devote myself to.


The first payment is $747 which covers your first 3 months. I'm structuring it this way so you get maximum value, and we build a group who can grow together. We will make a lot of progress in the first month, but you can't expect success in just a few calls. It would be damaging to the group to have a high turnover rate, because we want people who are seriously committed to their businesses and their own success. After the initial 3 months, the cost is $297 per month.

Warning – there is a very limited number of spots available, so if you miss this opportunity there may not be a spot open for a long time. Members who leave and wish to come back will have to wait for a spot to open back up.

This is an investment in your business that can pay for itself multiple times over. For about $8/day, you're getting access to world class training and networking that will help grow your business beyond what you thought possible. By taking this opportunity to invest in yourself and your business, you'll gain skills and knowledge that will help you earn a consistent income for the rest of your life.

To join, please fill out this very short survey ( so I can get an idea what group to place you in. This isn't an application, so just answer as accurately as you can. I will divide the two groups based on goals and experience level to make sure people get the maximum benefit from the coaching.

The group will start approximately the week of August 8th.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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