Aff Playbook Post Roundup Nov 26

It's been a busy week here at Aff Playbook. Even with people heading home for the holidays to spend time with their families, the campaigns never stop and neither to the discussions on the forum. Here are some of the latest threads from Aff Playbook over the last week.

Building An Authority Site (Miser)

A few months ago a group of Aff Playbook members started a mastermind around building Authority sites. This week miser started growing his followers on Facebook. Read more here.

How To Save Up To $50+/Mth On Your Hosting Cost And Still Get A Blazing Fast ☁️ VPS

One of our members created a phenomenal step by step guide on how to set up WordPress hosting  a dirt cheap and blazing fast vps using Cloudways and Digital Ocean all for about $20/month. Learn how to set one up here.

Json attempts 30 days of onsite SEO & blogging

Json, the winner of our last challenge continues to update his thread on optimizing his site and the effects his efforts have in on it's rankings. If you are working on a site you owe it to yourself to read through every word of his follow along. Read the thread here.

Creating a Product in the Health & Well-being Niche

One of our long time members has just started a brand new follow along about creating and selling a digital product in the health niche. Follow along as they film a teaser class, create the upsell product and the website that will house the entire project. Their goal is to get it working by the end of the year. Follow along here. 

What is working now with PPV traffic?

So what is working with PPV these days? One of our new members popped the question and as usual our members jumped in with their replies. See them here.

Follow Along – Russian Dating with PPV campaign

One of our members takes a dive into the world of international dating with this follow along. So far he's moved from direct linking to split testing landing pages. Follow along and see how his 12% ctr landing page performs. Follow along here.

Tracking doesn't work, help

Tracking, it's pretty much the bane of all beginners. We've all been there and have all wanted to throw our monitors out the window at some point when faced with setting up tracking for the first time. Fortunately, we are here to help people figure it all out. Here's a perfect example. 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Thread – What Do You Want to Buy / Deals

And finally, it's not always just our noses to the grindstone cranking out campaign after campaign. Once you've made the money, it's time to spend it. Here's a fun little discussion on what our members are thinking of buying this holiday season. Check it out here.

So there you go, some more of what’s been going on inside Aff Playbook. Follow up on these threads, and get full access to all our courses and tools with your Aff Playbook membership. See you on the inside!