This is an interview with a successful forum member named Josh (maynzie in the forum). I really like Josh’s story because his hard work has really made a difference in his life. Here is his interview.

How did you get started in affiliate marketing?

I got started in affiliate marketing when I was 16, my dad read in the paper that people were buying and selling domains and so I gave it a shot. Bought 5 for $50 and sold one of them for $15,000 a week later, so after receiving the money and crying for a few hours of happiness, the birth of my CPA career arose.

What were some of your goals when starting?

My dad has always drilled it into me that working for yourself is the best way to live and that’s something that I have taken on board, and to this day I have never worked for someone else and plan on doing that the rest of my life. I also set a goal to make $500 in a day and make 6 figures in a year before I turn 20. Just last week I broke one of the goals and I have a great belief that I will complete the other one too.

What did you think affiliate marketing would be like when you started, and how did it turn out differently? What are some myths you discovered along the way?

Honestly at first I really did not know what I was in for, I fell for a lot of those guru products and spent a lot of my profits on them which unfortunately did not pay back haha. But as time went on and I networked with a lot of people I saw that there is a load of money to be made on the internet and even if I could obtain a tiny percentage of it, I would still be doing better then most educated job positions. The myths is in those guru systems which promise autopilot money and to newcomers it seems like an easy way out, but hard work, perseverance and dedication is what gets you far in this business, and all other aspects of life.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had so far?

The moment I stopped over complicating things and really took a simplistic approach to my campaigns, my ROI sky rocketed and the time I spent working reduced.

Do you stick to one niche or many?

I like to broaden my horizon and try all sorts of offers but my success has mainly come from the health/beauty and Lead generation niches.

Do you stick to one traffic source?

Through my 2 years of affiliate marketing I have tried almost everything there is to do except for PPC. Right now my main focus is PPV but I do have knowledge in the social game.

What has been your biggest challenge to becoming successful?

Balancing all aspects of my life. This is my first year that I actually have a lot of time on my hands, I chose difficult subjects for my last year of high school like specialist math, physics and chemistry so balancing those on top of lots of friends, family and relationship commitments it really wears you out, so that would be the main challenge for me, but fortunately its more of a thing of the past now.

What is your best profit day so far?

Well if you include the day I sold my domain when I first started out that would be it which would be $14899, but since then it’s been $644.

What is your income goal?


How many hours a day or week do you work on affiliate marketing?

Roughly 3-4 hours a day so 21-28 hours a week.

What’s the biggest mistake you made starting out and If you had to start all over again, what would you change?

Reading too much and not doing anything as well as being scared of losing money. If I could start again I would have been on the front end of all the new traffic sources. I would have run naked pics on Facebook, I would have taken advantage of the little competition on PPV and I would have run Acai on Google!

What do you consider total time wasters?

Facebook. Haha nah I get caught out reading a lot of blogs and I can’t say no to a good conversation with people. Also browsing forums all day, “without action, nothing changes”.

Any tips to give struggling affiliates?

Get in the trenches. Its easy to become lost if you read to much information and its often overwhelming. 90% of the people I have helped with marketing have been failing because they have overcomplicated it. K.I.S.S!

Also, a great community is catalyst to success. Surround yourself with people who are succeeding where you want too and gather as much information as you can, then implement it. Develop the mindset and reap the benefits.

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