APB Podcast – Mastering the Education Niche

APB Podcast – Mastering the Education Niche

Education is one of those evergreen niches that will always be around. It’s a great niche to promote because there is always demand for leads, and there are many different sub niches within the niche to promote.

In this podcast, I got together with my friend Galel Fajardo to talk about promoting education offers. Galel is a marketing consultant and also the Director of Marketing for an online school. He has the unique perspective of having experience on both sides of education offers.

In this episode, Galel lays out what you need to know to be competitive in the niche. We talk about what advertisers look for, what types of leads you can generate, and how you can maximize your results.

I want to thank Galel for taking the time to share his knowledge with us! If you want to contact Galel, he gives you a few ways at the end of the episode 🙂

APB Podcast – PPV Round Table

APB Podcast – PPV Round Table

When I first started Aff Playbook, it was actually called ‘PPV Playbook’ because we focused almost exclusively on PPV traffic. We’ve come a long way since then, and expanded to cover all types of traffic and a lot more.

I have a lot of experience running PPV traffic, and so does the entire APB faculty. In this episode, I sit down with Miser and Jerdei to talk about our experience with PPV traffic. Between the three of us, we have a lot to say on the subject.

Some of the things we discuss include:

  • Our favorite types of offers to run
  • What types of landing pages we use
  • Our top PPV traffic sources
  • Opportunities that go beyond promoting affiliate offers

This was a great discussion, and we all had a lot of fun! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!



APB Podcast – The 80/20 Principle for Online Marketing

APB Podcast – The 80/20 Principle for Online Marketing

The 80/20 principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This can be applied to all types of industries. You’ve probably heard this concept applied to marketing. An example would be – ‘roughly 80% of your income will come from 20% of your campaigns’.

The most important thing to learn about the 80/20 principle as an affiliate is what 20% of your actions will produce 80% of your results. To put it another way, how should you prioritize your tasks? What’s important to focus on, and what doesn’t really matter? The answers might surprise you.

In this episode jerdei, miser, and I discuss the 80/20 principle and how it applies to online marketers. As always, we welcome any questions or comments you have!


APB Podcast – Building Your Business

APB Podcast – Building Your Business

Being a successful online marketer is one thing, but being a successful marketer year after year is another. Our industry is filled with stories of people who made all kinds of money once or twice but couldn’t do it long term. So what’s the difference between these two groups of affiliates? One big difference is the focus on building a ‘long term business’, but what does that mean?

In this episode, I’m joined by two forum members – Jason aka miser and Jacob aka Jerdei. Both are successful affiliates, and help me out answering questions and supporting the forum. Between the three of us, we’ve helped train and support a lot of marketers in the forum. This has given us a good perspective on why some people become successful while others struggle.

In this episode, we focus on the need to diversify and build a well rounded business. We discuss taking the skills you learn in affiliate marketing and using them to branch out and diversify.

Enjoy the episode, and let us know if there’s anything you would like us to cover in the future!



APB Podcast – John Lee Dumas founder of Entrepreneur On Fire

In this episode of the Aff Playbook affiliate marketing podcast, I interview John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire.

Entrepreneur On Fire has been awarded the Best of iTunes, and it’s easy to see why. John puts on a new high quality podcast every single day. This level of dedication to producing valuable content for entrepreneurs has resulting in a monthly income now approaching $300k per month.

John is a super high energy individual (although in this podcast we learned he enjoys a good House of Cards Marathon), and his passion for talking about business and entrepreneurship really shines through.

In this episode we discuss:

– John’s background and how he got started

– Who inspires him

– His morning routine

– Staying motivated, and what to do when your motivation runs low

– The biggest struggling points for aspiring entrepreneurs.

– Going to college vs starting your own business

– Hiring and working with virtual assistants

– Advise for those who are working full time jobs but really want to start their own business

– Coming trends for 2015 and beyond

I would like to thank John for taking the time to do this. Be sure and check out Entrepreneur on Fire.

APB Podcast – Shawn Collins on Affiliate Summit and the Future of the Affiliate Industry

APB Podcast – Shawn Collins on Affiliate Summit and the Future of the Affiliate Industry

Back when I started Aff Playbook (It was called PPV Playbook then), I was basically a hermit. I was a successful affiliate, but I almost never networked with anyone..especially in person. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I was just a little shy and had a hard time pushing myself to go out and meet people.

It took the urging of a few friends, but in 2010 I decided I would hold a small mastermind and meetup during Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. To my knowledge, I was the first to start offering a private mastermind and kind of paved the way for others who started doing it.

I remember being very nervous before the mastermind, but once I started it was smooth sailing. When I look back on that, it’s interesting that so many affiliates who went on to become super successful attended. One of the attendees was Mark aka ‘ctrtard‘ who now creates all the Aff Robot tools in the forum, and has put on many masterminds with me.

That Affiliate Summit really kick started Aff Playbook and helped me meet lots of new friends and business partners. The reason I’m telling you this story, is that I think each of us probably has a similar story about their first conference. It’s exciting to meet people who share the same passion you do. In person networking is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Shows like Affiliate Summit are where the real connections in this industry are made.

My guest on this episode is one of the co-founders of Affiliate Summit, Shawn Collins. Shawn got his start making content sites and managing affiliate programs before making the leap into creating Affiliate Summit. In this interview, we talk about his beginnings in the industry, what trends he has seen over the years, and where he sees the industry heading. Shawn has a front row seat to the Affiliate Marketing industry, so it’s always interesting to hear his observations.

If you’ve never been to an Affiliate Summit, I highly recommend it. We almost always put on a meetup of some kind so if you come be sure to stop by and say hi!

You can learn more about Affiliate Summit.

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