APB Podcast – Jason Brown from SERPWoo

My guest on this episode of the Aff Playbook podcast is Jason Brown, a.k.a eliquid on the forums. Jason has been involved with online marketing for a long time, and worked on many diverse projects. Jason has done everything from affiliate marketing, to ecommerce, and now a product owner. He was the first affiliate to […]

APB Podcast – Thanh Pham on Productivity

I’ve been in kind of a productivity rut lately. First it was the holidays, then I was sick, then Affiliate Summit west. Between everything, my schedule has been thrown off and it’s been tough to get back into a routine. So, I reached out to the guys at AsianEfficiency.com to do a podcast episode with […]

$50k Month With PPV Traffic

In my 10+ years doing online marketing, I think I’ve been told some traffic source or niche is ‘dead’. When I started out I was doing something that people kept saying ‘the glory days were gone’. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them, because I went on to be one of the most successful affiliates in […]

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