Interview – Box Of Ads Spy Tool


Love 'em or hate 'em, spy tools have been around a long time and aren't going anywhere. New affiliates spend lots of time worrying about their campaign getting spied on, or ripped off, and trying to prevent it. Other than using spy tools occasionally, I never give them another thought. They can be great resources for research, but there's no reason to fear them. This is an interview I did with Lukasz Jasiak, one of the co-founders of the spy tool Box of Ads. In this interview we talk ... READ MORE

Aff Playbook Consulting Master Class Registration Open


If you're a member of the forum, you already know Stefanie. She's been a member since 2009, and posts lots of amazing stuff. One of her most popular threads is a 7 part series on becoming a freelance consultant. Now, she's offering a 6 week consulting master class starting May 6th designed to make you a successful freelance consultant. For anyone thinking about this class - I highly recommend it. I've sat in on Stefanie's previous consulting class, and seen what she's offering in this one and ... READ MORE

APB Podcast Episode 5 – Jason Rubacky


SEO is one of those topics that is always full of interesting stuff to learn. Some people love it, some hate it, and some think that practicing voodo is the only way to get the Google gods to bless you. My guest today doesn't practice voodo (I don't think), but he does have a serious knack for SEO. Jason Rubacky from has been in the industry since he started building websites in 2001. He has experience working in many areas  of online marketing and loves talking business. I've ... READ MORE

APB Podcast Episode 4 – Charlie Hoehn Author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety


As internet marketers, we're no stranger to working long hours and spending most of our time in front of a screen. My guest for this episode knows this all too well, and the toll it can take on you. Charlie Hoehn has worked with some big names including Tim Ferris, Tucker Max, Ramit Sethi, and Seth Godin. Everything seemed great - he was making a lot of money and working with some of the biggest names out there. The amount of hours Charlie was putting in led to a period of terrible anxiety he ... READ MORE

APB Podcast Episode 3 – Charles Ngo

In this episode of the Aff Playbook Podcast I interview Charles Ngo who is a well known affiliate and blogger. In addition to having a wealth of knowledge about affiliate marketing,  Charles loves sharing information about productivity and motivation. There is some great info shared in this episode! Some of the books we mentioned: The Power of Habit The Art of Learning Be sure to visit Charles on his blog at Click here to download the transcript Don’t forget to ... READ MORE

Aff Playbook Price Increase Starting Jan 29th

As of January 29th, and for new members only, I've made the decision to raise the price of the forum and tools to $119/month. I made this decision for a few reasons: SUPERIOR VALUE. I feel that the training and tools we offer here are the best in the industry. I don't own an affiliate network I try to steer anyone towards, and I don't ask anyone to sign up for extra tools or subscriptions. My point is that I have no conflict of interest in recommending what offers you run, what companies ... READ MORE

Voluum – The Ultimate Tracking Solution For Affiliates?


The affiliate space has been dominated by a small number of tracking tools over the years. The most popular being Prosper 202, CPV Lab, Imobitrax, & Bevo. Those are all great trackers. Affiliates have, and will continue to make millions using them. There's a new tracker on the scene now that I think has the potential to be the ultimate affiliate tracking solution. You might have heard about Voluum - a new tracking solution for affiliates that's generating a ton of buzz. It's currently in ... READ MORE

ASW 2014 Pics or it Didn’t Happen

Another great Affiliate Summit West is over, and I have some great pics to share with you guys! We flew in on Saturday, checked in, and headed to our Above All Otters event. This is where we took a bus to a nearby exotic animal zoo, and got to do some cool interactions. We rented a party bus to take us there, and apparently they knew we meant business since they sent us THE BOSS... The boss came equipped with a stripper pole (no, we didn't order that). Everyone was a little shy ... READ MORE

The APB – A4d – Beyond Hosting ASW Meetup


It's that time again! Back by popular demand - the ultimate affiliate meetup during ASW Every year at ASW we hold one of the most popular affiliate meetups of the year. This is a great opportunity to network with affiliates, traffic sources, offer owners, and more. Join APB, A4d, and Beyond Hosting for a great night. Come hang out in our celebrity owned 5.5 million dollar celebrity/athlete owned penthouse, 550 feet above the strip. Play pool, cards, or maybe even a dip in the hot tub? Ever ... READ MORE

Super New Years Motivational Thread


This is a post that Stefanie made in the forum. It's full of great stuff so check it out. If you're a forum member, we already have a few lessons up on how to make the most of 2014 so check those out. Although I don't think it's healthy to rely on the new year as the only time for re-evaluating progress and setting new goals, there's no denying that winter holidays can get you off track...which can make January 1st (or 2nd) a really good time to get things back in order. To that end, I've ... READ MORE