A lot of people have been talking about Pinterest lately. Pinterest has a huge following that is growing like crazy. Everyone is trying to figure out how to cash in on it.

Most people have read about the Pinterest spammer. Thanks to that, and spammers in general, Pinterest now strips Amazon affiliate links. Judging by an event we attended with Pinterest in the Bay Area, they really didn’t have a clue about affiliate marketing and that ride could have lasted a lot longer! Oh, well…it was nice while it lasted!

Now, let’s talk about Jenny. Jenny is a loyal Pinterest user who loves pinning anything and everything. Some of the things she pins are:

  • Baby animals
  • Clothes
  • Cool houses
  • Flowers/Gardens
  • Inspirational pictures with words on them

You get the idea. She likes to make cute, funny comments when she pins too. Of course, she spends quite a bit of time following people, repinning, and commenting.

Jenny has figured out that doing this gets her pins ‘repinned’ hundreds of time. She also has lots of followers. Jenny has also figure out that she can make some decent money promoting affiliate projects. Yeah, it sucks she can’t direct link Amazon, but she can still pin Amazon products through her blogs, etc. She can of course do this with other affiliate offers too.

Jenny has a dirty secret though. First, her name isn’t Jenny, and no she isn’t a female. Second, he doesn’t actually like Pinterest…he thinks it’s boring and stupid. He would much rather be playing with cats or yo-yo’s or something. I think you see where I’m going with this.

Instead of figuring out how to spam Pinterest, I’ve been figuring out how to build high quality profiles. While most people are figuring out how to build bots to automate things, I’ve been figuring out what people on Pinterest are like. Why do they go to Pinterest? How do they interact with others? What things to they love to pin and repin?

After doing it for a while, I’m convinced you can make more money with less work doing things this way. Once you get inside the mind of the average Pinterest user, you can really just spend 20-30 minutes every few days pinning stuff and profit. You can get these accounts earning a few hundred dollars per day after some time. Your Pinterest account grows in a snowball like fashon. It won’t do anything for a while, until you get enough followers, repinning, etc.

I’ve told people about this, and they immediately think how they can automate it. While some of it could be automated, there’s no way you can automate the core idea here and that is – being a real Pinterest user.

Spend some time researching Pinterest and it’s users. You can do pretty well without spamming.

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