Stefanie, who wrote There’s More Than One Way to Earn 5 Figures+ Monthly, is doing a consulting mastermind right before our main mastermind on Sunday Jan 13th. Here are the details:

Since a lot of people have been talking about consulting and diversifying income streams this year, we decided to put together a mastermind session JUST for advanced consulting topics. We haven’t done this before, and there’s a good chance we won’t do it again – but for 2 hours, I’m going to go into detail about my work with clients, including a look at some of what I’ve done with clients (things I can’t show publicly on a forum, but which I’ve been given permission to share to a small group for educational purposes). David’s also going to cover some business topics related to client work, and there will be plenty of time for asking questions.

In case you don’t already know me, I got my start in online marketing through virtual currency trading back around 2000-2004 (Everquest currency). I’ve been doing online marketing consulting since 2005, and I spent a few years as the Marketing Director for I quit that job back in 2008, and I’ve been a full-time affiliate and consultant ever since. Some of my current clients include,, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and the New York School of Finance.

Some of the topics I’ll be discussing:

-Sizing up potential clients quickly and accurately to save yourself time, money, and grief. Bad clients are frustrating. They put you in a bad mood, decrease your productivity, and they never seem to make you as much money per hour (even when your stated hourly rate is the same). In most cases, you’ll notice that the signs were always there, if only you had known what to look for.

-How to set your rates, and why I wouldn’t recommend a one-size-fits-all hourly rate.

-Clients and hidden agendas. Every client has a hidden agenda. Knowing how to figure it out and use that information to your advantage will not only make you more successful with your clients, it will make your clients happier.

-How to create assets while you’re working for clients. I’m not a big fan of purely trading time for money, and there are a number of ways you can structure your client work to ensure that you’re getting something that continues to produce income after the project is over.

-Project mix – what it is and why it’s important. Most consultants don’t give it much thought, but it’s crucial to growth, scaling, and long-term success. No matter what kind of consulting you do, there are basically three types of projects. Knowing the types and making a conscious decision about your project mix will help keep your business from falling down around you before you even notice there’s a problem.

-How to improve your client’s impression of you in ways that are not especially time-consuming or expensive.

-Advanced client acquisition strategies.

-How to handle non-paying clients. Out of hundreds of clients, I’ve had quite a few that took serious effort before I got paid. Only one has ever completely failed to pay – and I’ve never engaged a lawyer for my collections efforts. I’m also not a particularly intimidating person. A few simple tricks (weird tricks?) have saved me tens of thousands of dollars in recovered payments.

-Since the subject of consulting is pretty broad, I also welcome anyone attending to let me know if there are any specific questions they’d like to see addressed in the mastermind. Assuming the requests aren’t completely off-the-wall, I’ll do my best to fit them in.

David will also cover:

-How to structure your business for the best tax advantages and legal protection

-Setting up contracts and terms of doing business to give yourself maximum protection

-Allocating your time and handling unexpected time-consumption from clients

-Client ethics


Time – Sunday, January 13th, 10:00am – noon

Location – Will be emailed to attendees upon payment

Price – $297 ($50 discount if you’re already attending the main mastermind)

There will be a maximum of 15 slots for the live event and 10 recordings will be sold for those who can’t attend.

Click here to sign up

You can purchase a spot at the live event, or a recording (attendees will also get a recording).

If you’re already signed up for the main mastermind session that David is doing with Jason, Mark, and Adam, contact us before signing up to the consulting session to make sure you get the $50 discount.

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