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Blogs You Missed This Week

By May 31, 2010 9 Comments

There are a lot of great blogs focusing on affiliate marketing. If you haven’t already, visit Affbuzz on a regular basis to see what people are talking about. I wanted to share some other blogs that aren’t necessarily focused on affiliate marketing, but have useful information for affiliate marketers. I usually email my forum members on Sunday with good threads or posts from the week so I thought I would also make a blog post highlighting some good blogs posts from the week that you might not have seen otherwise.

So, without further ado here are some good blog posts from the last week you should check out:

A landing page makeover

How to sell products with direct mail inserts

If Abraham Lincoln taught affiliate marketing

What to do on the slow days

Using Social Media to Help Launch Your New Business

International SEO strategies

Forget multitasking, try unitasking

How to find energy for more than your day job

Bing the default search engine for the Iphone?

How search engines value links

People with jobs have a fantasy about…

Business ideas for musicians and their fans

12 useful ways to get out of ruts

Dealing with the haters

Block distracting sites and get more done

The #1 habit of highly creative people

I hope you find some of those links useful!

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  • Gregg_Sugerman

    Love the new blog design and thanks for the ‘best of’ blog posts. I didn’t know most of those sites….

    Question though: what happened to the ravenous affiliate munching creatures from PPVP blog 1.0?

    • David

      I think they will come back at some point. I just want to keep everyone on their toes so they don’t get complacent and think the monsters aren’t coming back…

  • Andy

    Hey very nice read to see some other marketing info. Good idea!

  • Hey bud! Thanks for sharing so many blogs with us. Its essential to keep expanding and learning from each other experience and success.

  • Hans

    Nice idea! It’s nice to break out of the usual AffBuzz stuff.

  • And I thought I was already reading alot.. 🙂

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  • AffBuzz is pretty sweet. That’s how I got here. Grab their rss feed and read it in Google Reader or whatever you use to read feeds. Seems like they just added a bunch of new sites.