As of January 29th, and for new members only, I’ve made the decision to raise the price of the forum and tools to $119/month.

I made this decision for a few reasons:

SUPERIOR VALUE. I feel that the training and tools we offer here are the best in the industry. I don’t own an affiliate network I try to steer anyone towards, and I don’t ask anyone to sign up for extra tools or subscriptions. My point is that I have no conflict of interest in recommending what offers you run, what companies you work with, or what tools you use. My only motive is to help you be successful.

BUILDING A REAL BUSINESS. I see courses and forums all the time that teach people affiliate arbitrage (basic sending paid traffic to offers), but don’t teach them how to turn that into a sustainable business. That’s fun for a while, but every affiliate hits a point where they want to build something sustainable. Aff Playbook is the only forum I know of where you can learn everything from paid traffic to starting your own consulting business or creating your own product. It’s not just about having those lessons here, but showing you how to take parts of them to become a well diversified affiliate.

. That is a LOT of stuff to read through – over 4 years worth now. Even though things change all the time in the industry, I wrote most of the lessons and case studies with longevity in mind. Instead of just showing a case study like ‘run this offer on this traffic source with this lp’, I emphasize what the technique or idea is behind the case study. That way, you can apply it to different niches, offers, or projects.

THE BEST AFFILIATE TOOLS. We have a lot of great tools inside Aff Robot, and have some amazing things planned for the coming year. The response to the tools has been awesome, and we truly appreciate the feedback and support. We offer tools to help grow your business that you can’t find anywhere else. We will be rolling out new tools every month.

. You guys know I put a lot of work into the forum. In addition to what you see me posting on a daily basis, I also spend a good amount of time answering PM’s, emails, running campaigns for case studies and lessons. Increasing the price will help to ensure affiliates who join are serious about growing their business.

Right now, we have people at all different price points from when I first started the forum and various promotions over the years. Whatever price you’re paying now will remain the same forever. However, if you cancel and want to sign up again you will pay full price. Just to be clear – whatever price you’re paying for the forum now is what you will continue to pay as long as you’re a member. If you cancel for any reason, and sign back up in the future, you will have to sign up at the new price.

Again THIS PRICE INCREASE WILL NOT AFFECT CURRENT MEMBERS. Whatever price you are paying, is what you’ll continue to pay unless you cancel and rejoin at some point.

If you aren’t a member and want to lock in the current rate,
you can join here.

Let me know if you have any questions. 2014 is going to be a GREAT year for APB 🙂

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