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10 PPV Networks Tested and Rated

By November 29, 2009 30 Comments

I got the idea for this post by reading CDF Networks blog. Chad did some really cool tests where he tested and rated a bunch of PPC networks. I haven’t seen anyone do this for PPV networks so I thought I would do one.

The test:

I ran 4 offers on each of these networks. Actually it was 2 separate offers but one campaign used a landing page, and one direct linked. I promoted pretty basic lead generation offers. I kept all the URL/keyword targets the same, and tried to be in the same as position on each network. For the sake of simplicity I am calling these ‘PPV networks’ even though that’s not the technically correct term for some of them. Basically, they are all serving ads in the form of a pop-up or pop-under window.


For scoring, I used traffic volume, conversion rate,聽 and click/impression pricing broken down like this:

  • Traffic Volume (Most traffic= 10, least traffic = 1)
  • Conversion Rate (Highest Conversions= 10, least conversions = 1)
  • Click Pricing ( lowest click/impressions cost = 10)

So basically a perfect score would be 30.

Here are the results:

PPV Networks


The overall winner was Traffic Vance which won’t come as a surprise to most of you. Megaclick has a lot of traffic but it was very expensive.

Conversion Rate:

Both Traffic Vance and Media Traffic had a high conversion rate. The one thing missing from Media Traffic is more volume.


  • Traffic Vance
  • Media Traffic
  • Lead Impact
  • Addon Network
  • Direct CPV

Might be worth a small test:

  • CPV Marketplace
  • Megaclick

Stay away:

  • Adbrite
  • Clicksor

I want to stress that different PPV/CPV networks can perform better/worse for different offers. Your results could vary based on the offers you promote.

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  • hey david-

    thanks for the look.

    did any of the results surprise you?

    would you recommend someone just starting ppv to just start with traffic vance.


    oh..check out your ppvplaybook facebook tab..url is misspelled.

    • David

      Hey thanks for the spelling catch!

      Traffic Vance is the best IMHO. It’s harder to start out with because you need a referral and they require a min $1k deposit. I would go with Media Traffic to start. 馃檪

      I think direct CPV was a good surprise for me. I am going to test there more for sure.

    • james

      Stay away from directcpv and clicksor

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  • Alfred

    Thanks for the decent list of PPV network.

    In between, I saw 9 network only. Where is the other 1?

  • David

    Hey Alfred,

    Yeah, the title was a mistake on my part. There was a 10th traffic source I just started at the time of that writing. I didn’t have enough data to include that, but I will go back and add it.


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  • Chris Wallace

    I also been using a new one I get great conversions but their traffic is not as high as mediatraffic or trafficvance

  • Why is TV 1st if Media traffic has more points?

  • I had the same question, “dylan”, according to his chart it looks to me that Madia traffic was the winner?
    I mean traffic is great and that is what we all aspire to, but only to boost our conversions… less traffic more conversions is fine by me. Unless you reach a ceiling in your scaling up.
    Just babbling on, thanks for the info. Good job!

  • Jimny

    Great reviews David, but I’m wondering why do you say TV has the most traffic, I and most of the people I know who do PPV think that leadimpact/zango has by far the most traffic. On all of my campaigns, when bidding on same targets across different ppv networks, leadimpact wins traffic vance when it comes to volume. What is your take on this?

  • Sam

    Your post just showed me what i was looking for.
    I agree on the bad results with clicksor.
    same here.
    gonna try traffic vance for a test 馃檪

    btw. found you with search term “best ppv networks” in google. On my machine you rank second for that.



  • Hi David,

    Great run-down, love the matrix too.

    I’m looking to promote my own product which has been converting really nicely with FB ads.

    Have learned that my very best conversion segment are Females in their late 40’s to mid-50’s in the US and Canada. Which network do you think would provide the most traffic from this segment?


  • Marc

    What about international traffic for CPV?

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  • Thanks for the nice list of PPV network. i am using and cpv program, both are working good for me.

  • Great list, David. I know this is old, but it helped to remind me of a few that my mind blanked on.

  • Trialynn

    The info is great David. Do you think you could run this kind of test again for 2013? I would love to see the results!!

  • David, awesome review and a lot of what I have found with these networks have matched up with your findings. It is all about testing testing testing, you run a test for a small amount and when you see conversions you go BIG and you go FAST! Thanks for the review- great info.

  • You have to deposit $1000 in traffic Vance to get in. I never liked them for that but if the traffic is premium maybe i should change my mind and try them out. Great post!

  • Thank David

    This really cool stuff…

  • Great list, bookmarked for future use, thanks for sharing!

  • Art

    David, I find your research interesting and illuminating even after 4 years. In 2013, what do you think is the best network to start with PPV ads?


  • Kyl

    Hi David, what niche you running for this test?
    Any suggestion what ppv network best for relationship / dating niche?


  • Jeannie

    Great info! Thanks for sharing your results. :0) Any chance you will run another test for 2014?
    FYI: As with TV requirements for $1000 deposit, LeadImpact has increased their deposit requirements to $1000 also. You can imagine my disappointment when I set up an entire campaign only to find out the deposit was no longer $200. So, I’m starting over with Media Traffic/$100 deposit for the weight loss niche. Can you recommend which ad networks are best for which niches?
    Thanks again for sharing your marketing experience and your wealth of knowledge!

  • Sof铆a Santucho

    Adtomatik is also an ad network. I’ve been using it for a year and the result couldn’t be better. The best service. I totally recommend it.

  • thanks

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  • Shane Htet Aung

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the info since I have been finding one like this. Is it still valid for 2015 or should I say 2016. I would like to go for DirectCPV or Media Traffic, so what would you recommend. I have a very tight budget to test the water so would be very appreciated if you could help me on this one. Thanks.

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